Wedding Tips

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Here are the 25 awesome tips to have a stress free marriage and enjoy it to fullest extent.
  1. Take your time, there is no need to hurry things up, as it can bump up the cost of marriage by as much as 25%.

  2. Do not try to be 100% perfect, as it can increase stress level.

  3. Have faith in your family and friends that they will ensure that it will be the best day of your life.

  4. Share something unique with the guests, like a funny video of bride/groom, be innovative

  5. Do not take tension, have some experienced friends around you, who can keep you confident and amused.

  6. List down all tasks for the day and prioritize them.

  7. Keep in mind that you can not please every body, so it is perfectly fine, if few people get offended at you or shout at you.

  8. Work as a team with you friends, family members and vendors, this will help distribute the work pressure.

  9. Remember what is truly important is that people have gather to celebrated union of two hearts.

  10. Enjoy the love and affection around you and also distribute affection and gratitude to all your guests, let every body enjoy it.

  11. Take one thing at a time, delegate as much work as you can to friends, families and vendors.

  12. Ensure that you spend enough time with your bride/groom, be free and spontaneous.

  13. Take lot of drinks and few small meals to keep yourself energetic and stress free.

  14. Keep big picture in mind, there may be lot of fights, few guests can be offended, but at the end of the day, you two will still become husband and wife.

  15. Hire an marriage event organizer.

  16. Complete as much tasks as you can two weeks before the D day.

  17. Try to have some creative events/food items to amuse your guests.

  18. Keep things simple, you must try to remain within your budget, if things are not affordable just drop them from your plan.

  19. Prepare your to do list and get it reviewed by your married friends to ensure that you did not miss an essential task.

  20. Do not try to fix everything yourself, if dress is not perfect, cakes are not tasting great, till at the end of the day, you two will become husband and wife.

  21. Visit shop/wedding vendors in person and ask for big discount.

  22. Borrow as many wedding items as you can from friends and families.

  23. If you do not want some items from a package, negotiate with the vendors to remove such items from the package and give discount.

  24. If one asks you about what do you want as gift for marriage, you can ask for gift voucher/card, which may reduce your total wedding costs.

  25. Buy food items which does not take much time to prepare, this will keep the banquet cost in check.